Whitetree provides compelling creative, idea generation, and production to our clients. Agencies, direct clients, and even other production houses call us when they need something special. This unique trait is what our clients call “The Whitetree Difference.” We’d love to show you our stuff.

visual finesse

People always ask, “how did you do that?” or “What software did you use?” The answer is simple. Software is a hammer in a toolbox. Nothing more. The Whitetree process involves refining a creative vision that is then realized through skilled art direction and technical savvy. The result is basically anything you care to dream up or need.
Don’t be shy.

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sweet sounds

Even the most beautiful visuals can fall flat if the audio isn’t a good fit. At Whitetree, we pride ourselves in finding the best talent to the task, choreographing the elements to match the visual (or visa-versa), blending in the perfect music, and attaching the correct tone and inflection to the delivery. Our background in radio broadcasting also gives us a front row seat at the theater of the mind. Can you smell the popcorn?


beauty by design

Brand integrity is near and dear to our hearts. Everything that we design is with purpose, function, and inspiration. Our ability to create original art as well as enhance someone else’s is one of Whitetree’s core strengths. Logos to lighting. 3D modeling to photography. Layout to character creation. We create a custom fit to your branding needs.

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